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Keep Your Network Safe

Rates of cybercrime are on the rise. The increasing threat of viruses, spyware, and hackers threaten the integrity of your company’s reputation and the trust of your customers. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we ensure that your network, systems, and company data remain protected from hackers and unwanted intruders.

Proactive IT Security

Empowering Organizations with Proactive IT Security

In today’s interconnected world, the reliance on information technology (IT) has reached unprecedented heights. As our digital footprint expands, so does the potential for cyber threats. IT security is vital for safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information systems. The consequences of a security breach can be far-reaching, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and loss of trust among clients and stakeholders. Whether it’s personal data, proprietary business information, or sensitive government intelligence, IT security measures are indispensable in mitigating risks and ensuring a safer digital environment.

In addition to our team of certified security experts, we also utilize advanced security solutions that automate threat detection, analysis, and remediation. As your trusted IT partner, you will receive enterprise-grade security solutions that protect your company’s most valuable assets. NOYNIM offers the following cyber security services and solutions to ensure your organization’s IT environment remains secure. 

Perimeter Network Security

FirewallFirewall Network Security

Firewalls represent your organization’s first line of defense in preventing cyber-attacks. A firewall’s primary purpose is to monitor and control incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security policies. It helps establish an effective barrier between your trusted network and external sources from posing a potential threat. Our team has extensive experience deploying physical and virtual firewalls to accommodate your company’s unique security requirements.

DNS Web Filtering ServicesDNS Web Filtering Services

DNS Web Filtering is the process used to block access to malicious websites, suspicious IP addresses and inappropriate content from within your organization’s network. This process ensures that user access to the web is continuously monitored and controlled according to predetermined security policies. At NOYNIM, we offer enterprise-grade DNS filtering solutions that safeguard your business against attacks and put you in control of what matters most: your organization’s integrity & IT cyber security.

Cyber-Risk Assessment & Framework

Vulnerability ScanningVulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning aims to identify vulnerabilities in your business systems, applications, network, and procedures. These scans help establish a baseline for your organization’s overall security health while providing critical insight on how to best remediate the resulting weaknesses. Vulnerability Scanning enables your organization to improve its security posture while also helping meet government mandated security regulations and industry standards. At NOYNIM, we provide vulnerability scanning solutions that allow your business to take a proactive approach in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities within your environment.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster RecoveryBusiness Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) refers to your organization’s critical response strategy with restoring integral business systems and facilitating operational recovery during an unexpected disaster. These unpredictable events can range from service outages and natural disasters to system-crippling cyber-attacks. A well composed Business Continuity Plan raises your company’s preparedness level and enables you to resume normal business operations with minimal downtime. At NOYNIM, our team of BCP experts account for your mission-critical systems and help formulate a response strategy that minimizes disruptions and ensures your organization’s expedited recovery during unpredictable circumstances.

Vulnerability ManagementVulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the critical process used to identify, categorize, prioritize, and resolve vulnerabilities within your IT environment. With hundreds of new threats discovered daily, Vulnerability Management allows your organization to increase its security and reduce the risk of falling victim to potential cyber-attacks. At NOYNIM, we ensure your company is secure by proactively identifying vulnerabilities and applying remediation techniques such as patching and strategic system-wide security configurations.

Managed Security

Endpoint Security & AI Based AV/EDREndpoint Security & AI Based AV/EDR

Endpoint security refers to the methods used to secure your company’s network-connected devices, such as servers, computers, and mobile devices. While critical to business operations, these devices serve as entry points to your network and are thus vulnerable to malicious exploitation. NOYNIM’s Endpoint security solutions provide your business with effective protection against external sources seeking to exploit these points of entry.

24/7 Network Monitoring24/7 Network Monitoring

At NOYNIM, we monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats including system failures are identified before they can impact your business and its productivity. This approach is also critical to ensuring that simpler issues are addressed before evolving into full-blown emergencies. Our team of network monitoring experts remain on standby 24/7 to address any reported threats or concerns in an expedited manner so you can focus on what matters most, the success of your business.

Dark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring is a critical service that scans the dark web for personally identifiable information (PII) such as stolen credentials, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. If your company’s PII data is ever found in our scan results, you will be notified immediately, and we will work with you to initiate the appropriate remediation response. Identifying breach exposures during its initial stages are critical to safeguarding your assets as it allows your organization to reset compromised credentials early enough to prevent a hostile account takeover. NOYNIM’s Dark Web Monitoring solutions provide your business with peace of mind that your business data remains protected from prying eyes.

Multi-Factor AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your critical systems by requiring users to provide at least two factors of authentication to prove their identity. This strategy translates into a multi-layered defense mechanism that makes it increasingly difficult for an attacker to gain access to your company resources. Even if one authentication factor was to be compromised, the attacker is challenged with yet an additional barrier. At NOYNIM, we prioritize your security and offer MFA solutions that often exceed your organization’s security requirements.

Security Patching & ManagementSecurity Patching & Management

Security Patching is a critical service that actively scans your network environment for devices that are missing important operating system and software updates. Unpatched devices are highly vulnerable to exploits thus making prompt patching vital to your organization’s security. At NOYNIM, we manage every aspect of your Windows, Mac, and Linux security patching requirements to ensure a seamless deployment. To verify system-wide patching compatibility, we take the extra step of determining which of the proposed patches are deemed critical and stable prior to deployment.

Security Policy Creation & AdministrationSecurity Policy Creation & Administration

Security Policy Creation is the process of identifying and implementing security improvements to your company’s IT policies. This documented process ensures consistency within your organization and outlines the common security goals and policies users are expected to follow. With cyber security threats on the rise, establishing a strategic security policy is vital as an effective policy can guide user behavior towards achieving your desired security objectives. These policies outline security controls, data classifications, email security, physical security, network security and more. Let NOYNIM lead your organization’s security policy strategy to achieve greater security results.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing Attack SimulationsPhishing Attack Simulations

With phishing attacks on the rise, it is important that your employees remain informed with the latest cyber threats and social engineering techniques. More importantly, it is critical that users learn to identify red flags and respond appropriately to prevent hackers from gaining access to your most critical systems. At NOYNIM, we utilize simulated spoof-phishing campaigns to provide your employees with real-life phishing attack scenarios while evaluating your staff’s remediation response.

Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingCyber Security Awareness Training

Employee knowledge is by far the most effective deterrent when preventing cyber security attacks within your organization. While often disregarded, an effective cyber security training program is vital to your company’s overall IT cyber security strategy. To increase user knowledge, we offer a large variety of interactive video modules that help educate your users in identifying deceptive characteristics and recommended remediation steps to take.

Email Security

Spam FilteringSpam Filtering

Spam Filtering monitors your company’s bidirectional email communications and identifies suspicious activities in real-time to prevent the delivery of malicious emails from reaching your user’s inbox. With E-mail communications on the rise, phishing remains the preferred method used by hackers to facilitate their attacks. This can lead to resource exploitation, data theft, monetary loss, and damage to your business reputation. With NOYNIM’s advanced spam-filtering solutions, your business communications are actively monitored for suspicious activity to ensure your organization’s security.

Data Loss PreventionData Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a service that ensures your organization’s critical data remains protected from prying eyes. When implemented effectively, DLP safeguards your data by preventing internal users from leaking sensitive information to users outside your company network. DLP monitors and prevents unauthorized use of your organization’s data while in transit, at rest, and in use. With NOYNIM’s advanced DLP solutions, we provide your business with the strategic tools necessary to keep your data secure while ensuring your data whereabouts are always known.

Email EncryptionEmail Encryption

With email use on the rise, it is critical to secure this communications channel from prying eyes. Email Encryption ensures that only the intended trusted recipient can view the email and its attached content. Emails are encrypted to prevent interception by external and often malicious entities. NOYNIM utilizes advanced email encryption solutions/systems to ensure that your organization’s email communications are encrypted and hidden from public view.

Business Continuity for MS 365Business Continuity for MS 365

MS 365 provides your business with operational resilience by utilizing redundant systems architecture, data replication and automated integrity verification. Microsoft’s redundant architecture is achieved by deploying multiple instances of a single service in strategic locations around the globe. Data replication ensures that your company’s critical data is stored in different repositories, allowing for data to be recovered if corrupted or accidentally deleted. Automated integrity verification increases your organization’s data availability by automating the process of restoring data impacted by corruption.

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